Our Values

The Think Institute provides bespoke academic consultation, we have the knowledge, a nuanced approach and our understanding of the demands and challenges in the education sector enables us to best offer solutions that exceed the expectations and requirements of our students and parents. We listen to you, learn about your needs, we take on board your objectives creating a bespoke package of tuition services and solutions to deliver maximum success for you and your child. However, the tuition market is a ubiquitous sector with the power to transform students. To fully engage with pupils, you need an agency with sector-specific knowledge and contacts, one that can demystify and communicate its benefits therefore we promise a creative, results-driven approach.

Determined to deliver

Don't judge us on what we promise, judge us on what we do. We welcome metrics and measurement because we are ruthlessly focused on delivery.


Mathematics is one of the oldest and most fundamental subjects studied throughout the world. Euclid’s Elements, written in the 3rd Century BC contained some of the first ideas surrounding geometry, algebra and number theory, many of which we still explore today.
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The English language can be very challenging to those learning its complicated grammar structure for the first time. This is before even mentioning the peculiar spellings of words that can be found within the language.
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Chemistry lies at the heart of everything around us. It is the study of the composition, properties and behaviour of matter so is to do with everything that we both see and also do not see.
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Physics is the study of the universe. It attempts to answer the fundamental questions about the world and universe we live in. This includes understanding and studying the building blocks of matter, the essence of our existence.
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Biology is the study of life, from the unicellular amoeba to the complex human body. This subject enables students to develop an understanding of Biological systems in the smallest organisms to the largest forms of life.
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Student Testimonials

Mr Nijjer (Jag) came to tutor my son William prior to his sitting for the King’s Scholarship for Eton. Jag, who was engaging, encouraging and enthusiastic immediately connected with William. During their tutoring sessions William learnt a great deal, I therefore, cannot recommend Jag more highly. He has an inherent understanding of children – not just their academic requirements but also their mindsets. Not only did Jag teach William a great deal academically but he taught with humour, intelligence and imparted a sense of confidence and wisdom that has proved invaluable for Williams upcoming scholarship.

Rebecca AinsworthMother of Eton candidate William Ainsworth

I used The Think Institute to find a mathematics tutor for my daughter. I booked Jag for three, two-hour sessions. Jag was very professional, amiable and polite. He went over things in a very methodical manner and had a good sense of timing when breaks were needed. Jag also encouraged my daughter to participate and was interested in how she was learning. As my daughter was studying for the first time in English the tutoring she received was a good transition to approach the subject. I was very pleased with Jag, he was a good role model and had very broad knowledge.”

EppieMum to daughter aged 13

I hired Mr Nijjer (Jag) as a tutor last year to help me through my mathematics AS Level. He used a variety of teaching methods, trying to split time between Pure Mathematics and Mechanics revision. He often lent me books and was very happy to be contacted for help between lessons even if he wasn’t at home, I could contact him via phone or email. In summary, in my AS exams I got full marks on both my Pure and Mechanics 1 papers and 78/90 on my Pure 2 paper. This was a very strong A and put me in an excellent position for my A Levels this year for which Mr Nijjer is providing private instructions.

Lisa CowleyAspley Farm, Staffordshire

Throughout my tutoring I have been making strong progress in terms of mathematics studies. The tutoring has been really helpful, and I would recommend it to my peers. It is a professional service which has helped my confidence massively.

MaxA Level Mathematics

The Think Institute has not only provided our son with the best tutors and best results that any child could wish for, but also furnished the family with some of the most interesting, diverse and loveable people we have ever met!

Christpher HallHome-schooling

I enjoy my ongoing weekly classes with Louise. She really listens to me and is always enthusiastic. She has helped me a lot with vocabulary and reading comprehension. Louise was also really good to talk to when I needed advice in selecting my GCSE options.

NabilYear 9 – English and Maths

Jag is tutoring my daughter in A Level Mathematics. He understands the course extremely well and has an excellent grasp of the subject. Jag has proven himself to be capable, reliable and conscientious. Through his perfectly planned lessons and attention to detail, he has improved my daughters understanding of this subject, but, importantly, has also increased her passion and enthusiasm for Mathematics. Outside of lessons, he has been responsive and made himself available when my daughter has needed his advice or input. With Jags assistance, my daughter is now well placed to earn a top grade in her public examinations. I highly recommend Jag and will certainly be utilising his talent in tutoring my son next year.

RichardA Level – Mathematics

I interviewed quite a lot of tutors when looking for a tutor to help prepare my son for the Grammar School 11+ exams. I chose The Think Institute as their tutors had extensive experience of the Grammar School system. The tutors were very nice, co-operative and keen to teach. When we needed any extra help, they were always there. My Son really liked their style of teaching which was very interactive. He had three different tutors who specialised in their own subjects which was really good.

MariumMum to son aged 10

Jag has been a great tutor, since I started tuition with him my horizons for my maths grade have increased – from a C/D to a B. Working through past papers with him has been really useful and he’s improved my confidence in being able to answer questions myself.

NaseemYear 11 – GCSE Maths

I really enjoyed my sessions with Bill, he was helpful and stimulating; glad to see we were speaking the same language!

Susan DeviA level – Further Maths

We had a wonderful experience with The Think Institute. Right from the start, we were utterly impressed with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that was able to generate the results we were looking for. This was achieved in short period of time.

Lucas11+ – Common Entrance Exam to Queen Mary’s Grammar School