At The Think Institute we adopt traditional “pen to paper” methods, giving your child the option on how they want to study the subject. This empowers them, and encourages independence in their education. On top of providing a tailored service for every one of our students, we also focus on changing a student’s perception of the subject. We understand that true success in anything requires real interest and passion. Since 2005, The Think Institute provides excellent and distinctive coaching in all spheres for its students. This enables each individual to find fulfilment during their scholastic achievements to feel valued, to be sensitive and tolerant towards others, to develop talents and to grow in integrity, responsibility and ultimately face the challenge of adult life with justifiable self confidence.

The Think Institute also understands the need to treat each child or student uniquely. Even when we prepare students for specific, highly-specialised examinations like the 11+ or 13+, our tutors find innovative ways to support the students, and to inspire them to enjoy learning. Once the primary learning target has been met, we encourage the student to explore the subject beyond the constraints of the syllabus and to develop an understanding of the subject applications and its wider relevance in the world. Our tutors help students achieve places at the most sought after schools, pass public and entry exams and reach target grades, we aim to teach beyond the confines of the syllabus where appropriate.